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viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014


"Pantera" is a group from America. Their career began in 1981 with the siblings Abbott Darrell and Vinnie Paul in Arlington, Dallas, Texas, United States. The bear Rex Brown would unite at the end of 1981 with the vocalist Terry Glaze. RIAA certifies its sales with disc of Gold September 14 of 1993 and Platinum July 16 1997, to have sold 1.000.000 of copies. This rock group among 1981 - 1990 "Glam Metal" played it is a derivation of the hard rock and of the heavy metal. Their albúm but well-known is the album Power Metal (1988),  

in which is song Proud To Be Loud, written by the guitarist of Keel, Marc Ferrari. Half of the decade of the 90 the group began to have discussions and mainly provoked problems for the consumption of drugs of its components of the group. In 2001 many of the components of the group and leave with others.In 2003 the disappearance of the group and Any hope of a reunification with their legendary guitarist's tragic death Dimebag Darrell that was murdered to shots in the scenario Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, United States, December 8 2004 for called marine Nathan's infant Gale.

             Iván Jiménez Manzano

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  1. One of my favourite metal bands. There are some important data which are not included. Phil Anselmo was his singer the majority of the time and their best albums, "Vulgar display of power" and "Cowboys from Hell" are not mentioned

  2. I think that you have done a really hard work; but I don't like this type of band.
    They are too much noisy for me. Sorry :(