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lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Our Patron, San Jorge

Our Patron, San Jorge

In my another entry, I spoke about my second life, the scouts. But now I talk about our patron, San jorge. The last 10-11 of may, a lot of scouts of Murcia we met in Cotocuadros, to celebrate this holiday and when we met, normally we mount a few incredible holidays. The saturday, we did a yinkana in the morning and every group dressed of a country, in our case we were France. And our test was treating on eating croissants and "nocilla". Later, we have time to meet new friends And when the night  came the holiday came. This is a little video of the party and later more groups scouts came.

Now, I will teach a photo to you where we were encamping...
On Sunday we did a march up to coming to a very nice reservoir and did some activities in which it reinforced the confidence strictly between ourselves. To finish my entry, I want to say my opinion:
This weekend was one of the best, and it would not change it for anything, because I spent it to myself very well, I met new people, did many activities, and it was an incredible experience. This is my second life and I dont chage it for nothing, and if you want to know more of the Scouts, only put your comentary and I will answer you.

~Paula Vázquez Cintrano

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  1. Very funny!!!!!!!! I wanna be a scout too. Can I join the scouts?

  2. Paula Vázquez Cintrano4 de junio de 2014, 19:07

    Yes, but now you only can by an scouter, and for me the best experience is pass for all the section, like me but be scouter is too one of the better things :D