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domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013


Clary was a normal teenager. She lived with her mother. One day, her mother disapeared,and her life changed forever...

It was Clary´s birthday, and she decided to go to a party with her best friend, Simon. When they were there, Clary saw how a young man with a hoodie killed a teenager with blue hair. She was the only one who can see that. She shouted, but no one knew what was going on. She had a problem. She couldn´t stop drawing an strange simbol everywhere.

Next day she saw the teenager with the hoodie again. This time, she talked to him. He was blond, attractive, he dressed up on black and he was called Jace He explained her that she was the only one that can see him, because she wasn`t like the other;she wasn´t a mundane (normal human person). 

She was a shadow hunter.

At the same time, a devil was attacking her mother. She ran, and when she arrived home, everything was completly destroyed, and her mother wasn´t there. After a devil tried to kill her, Jace pick up Clary and Simon to the academy of the shadow hunters. There, they explain her everything about shadow hunters and their history, and her that her mother has been eliminating the reminds she had about the shadow hunters. But everyday, that reminds were stronger and she could't eliminate them. Clary and Jace started falling in love, and Simon was very jealous.
One day, Clary discovered where her mother has hidde the mortal instruments, into a, because her mother has a strange power, she has putted the mortal instrument into a card. She catched it, and in that moment,Valentine, a bad shadow hunter, was waiting for stole it. He told Clary and Jace that they were brothers, and Clary's mother was his wife. and both were very sad and angry, and they didn't want to believe that. When Valentine tried to kidnapt Clary, she kick her and he goes throw a magic door that makes you appear in any place. They rescue Clary's mother.
After that, the relationship between Clary and Jace wasn't the same. In the lasr scene of the film, them both are in a fliying motorcicle through the sky.
If you want to know more about this story, you must wait for the second part, or read the books by Cassandra Clare.


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