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domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

'If you put a candle to God, put two at the Devil' (Two candles for the devil)

                         Laura Gallego García

She is an Spanish writer born on the 11th of October in 1977 in Valencia. She writes youth literature, but she mainly writes books with fantastic thematic. She has studied Hispanic philology in the university of Valencia. Laura Gallego has won many awards like 'El Barco de Vapor'(with her first publicated book Finis Mundi) , 'Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil' or 'Premio Cervantes Chico'. She has writen 27 youth novels and some children's stories that are traduced in sixteen languages and there are solded millions of copies of them  all over the world. Belive it or not, she has started writing at age of 11 and since that moment she has know that she wants to be a writer. Here's her web page where you can find more information abour her, upcoming releases, events, book signings and news. I found it very interesting. Laura Gallego's web

From all of her book I have already read those:
-Chronicles of the tower( The Valley of the Wolves, The curse of the Master, Call of the dead & Fenris. the elf)
-Memories of Idhun( The Resistance, Triad & Pantheon)
-Ahriel( Black wings &   Wings of fire)

-Finis Mundi
-Where the trees sing
-The legend of the Wandering King
-The collector of extraordinary watches
-Two candles for the devil
-The Empress of the Ethereals
-The daughter of the night
-Wizard by chance
 -Sara and goal scorers. 2)Girls are warriors

As you can see there are some titles between brackets. It means that they belong to a saga, that is indicated with the dark red color. 
Have you ever listened one of those books? I'm sure you would do that. They are really famous. Probably, because they're awesome novels that brings you to another time in another place while you're reading them. I recommend all of her books because in my opinion they're amazing, funny and exciting ways to have a great time. Finally, I want to say about Laura that is a brilliant writer, a good-person that always answer yours letters whit her handwriting and that I really hope she still writing. With her books I learnt a lot of values.
Memories of Idhun is the most famous of her novels. It's a trilogy that she started writing in 2004  and she finished in 2006 . It's has 2276 pages(Yes, I sum them)! It has become as popular as there are some comics, diaries and also a table game from it. I  read this amazing trilogy a few time ago and I found it really exciting, opressive and unexpected. 
It's about two teenagers,Victoria and Jack, that lived calmly until an assesin with two years more than them start going behind them. He's called Kirtash. But, fortunatly a wizard ( Shail) and a prince (Alsan) saved them and they told them that in one way or another they belong to Idhun, the world with three suns and three moons. A world where the magic exist and it's given by wonderful creatures like unicorns , where dragons fly in the sky and different races lived together in armony. Is it always the same? No, it isn't. A dark wizard called Ahsran has opnened a portal and the sheeks( snakes with wings) have returned to Idhun. He also killed all the unicorns and dragons except one of each one that was saved in the Earth, waiting for return to Idhun and destroy Ashran as the six gods have said. But what is the paper of Victoria and Jack in it? And why does the mysterious Kirtash want to killed them?
If you want to know the answer of those questions, you must read this trilogy and go along with Jack and Victoria in the dangerous travel of the true. 

 In the left side, you can see the three covers of the books. But you can also find them divided in several parts. Here's is a link where you can see the differents comic of this trilogy that are published, as the books, by the publishing house SM:
MdI ' s comics

There is also another link about a web from 'launáticos' ( Laura Gallego's fan) for 'launáticos'. I really enjoy this page because almost for me it's very interesting and useful:

Finally, I put a song that a character in MdI sings .



I really hope you enjoy my entry, want to know some more about the fantastic writer that is Laura Gallego and enjoy your travelling in a world under three suns and three moons. 

Andrea Martínez Cazorla

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  1. I have no words. I have really enjoyed it and I have learnt a lot.

  2. Really?Thanks! :) I am so happy you find it interesting.
    Andrea Martínez