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martes, 19 de noviembre de 2013



Everybody knows the definition of poverty, and also we know in many parts of the world the people live in extreme poverty. You can speak about poverty but you don’t understand well this term until you see and you live this reality. Two years ago, I went to India. In India there isn’t poverty, in India there is misery. You walk through the streets of this country and you can see old people that his only company is the two rags they wear around his body. They beg lying on the ground for a little rice. You can see many people amputated forgotten in a putrid corner too. You see naked children wandering over the streets. There are a lot of people in this situation, more than you can imagine. In Varanasi, the capital of India, the term misery doesn’t express the reality of there.
 Many people travel to Varanasi because in their religion, the Buddhism, the soul is very present, and Varanasi is a good place because it’s the Hindu pilgrimage town. They hope someone remember his religious duty but especially his human rights. They only ask for food, they accept money, of course, but they only want eat.

When you see them, you see pain. They are extremely thin, you can see his bones, and they are dirty, abandoned…
When you give them some food, I can ensure you, it´s something amazing. They thank with the heart, you see them and you see this time some hope in their eyes. 
This is real. I think they are egoist, they don’t assess whatever they have, and they never thank anything. We only think in us, we have a lot of unnecessary things but we want more and more… I hope this experience do people think about how lucky we are.

Andrea García Luján 3Bx

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  1. Have you really travelled to India? It must be a shocking experience. All the help we can give them is well received.
    I can't stand when I see extremely rich people living in these countries spending money in F1 cars and in football teams