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domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013




Indie is a musical genre that developed in the United Kingdom and the United States in the decade of the 80s, it began to develop later also in Britain.

Early 21st century began to be better known, some groups began to enjoy his musical success.
Alternative rock and indie rock appeared in the 80's, but after many rock bands since Nirvana in the 90s began to be used to distinguish those bands, working in a variety of musical styles.
Indie rock that has a number of styles that are too sensitive and melancholy, soft and delicated, too dreamy, indie pop, personal and intimate shows in his lyrics, simple melodies and riffs but also fills you with feelings.

For example Dinosaur Jr. and Pixies have loose style guitars , states by a spirit more than a musical proposal, the movement of the rock  indie that cover a wide variety of styles
in many places has developed an extensive indie scene, growing popular enough to remain known, but unfortunately unknown outside them.
Indie rock alternative rock developed after the success of Nirvana.
Indie can not be known as pop but is special for that very reason, or at least for me because it's different

Paula Carbonell 

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