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domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013




We are the same color when we turn off the ligths.

The racism is a way of discrimination of people. There are a lot of reasons: culture, religion, skin color and other physical characteristics. The racism voids or decreases the discriminated people rights. It’s an ideology about the superiority of a race over another.
One person is racist because he is afraid of someone different, but he doesn’t know the only difference is the skin color. Everyone is equal; you can’t judge a person when you don’t know him. In the world there are only people, with physical differences, and you have to respect all the people and you can’t discriminate anybody. 

The homophobia is other way of discrimination of people. It’s an ideology about rejection and fear of homosexuality. The homophobia discriminates against people, who have a different sexual orientation, his sexual identity isn’t heterosexual, this is what is considered normal. People think isn’t normal and they discriminate them. 
I think is very important the liberty, you can be different, you can love to other people of your same genre, but isn’t a reason to feel discriminated. Many people have to support insults, comments...When you do that, you don’t think about the feelings of the discriminated person. Everyone can live in his own way.
I think there is only a way to love someone, love someone you want.
We don’t have to discriminate a homophobic or racist person, we have to help them to understand we are all equal.

Andrea García Luján 3Bx

2 comentarios:

  1. I will never understand how people can discriminate by the colour of the skin or the sexual life of other people. This world is crazy

  2. Yes Carlos you are right now all the people discriminate you ,only if the colur of your skin is diferent or because you are not of her same religion .