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martes, 1 de abril de 2014


For a long time people have found several situations that have forced them to go from their home to other countries in search of work and shelter , this is the phenomenon which we call IMMIGRATION . These people arrives to  the country because they have got a lot of  problems related to the country. One of these problems is integrated into society , learn the language, the culture or the food of that country . These immigrants should respect the culture of the country they are without imposing his own, do everything possible to learn the language, learn more about the food ... etc ... And so could live in the country without any kind of problems, but one of the main they have is the RACISM of the habitants of the country they arrive in ,  these people    when see people from a different country to yours despise them   , what they should do is help them integrate ,  know them better to live with them    and  not rejecting them  and ignore or despise them .  

                          Omayma Taouss & Maria Costa Peñalver 3BX 

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  1. A very serious problem nowadays and the governments don't pay the necessary attention