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miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Bando Orchard

                                                          Bando Orchard

El Bando de la Huerta is the name given to the big day of celebrations of the city of Murcia, taking place on Easter Tuesday. It is part of the so-called Spring Festival, held the week after Easter. The day itself is an exaltation of the vegetable garden traditions, so intimately linked to the history of city. The vast majority of Murcia will take to the streets all day, dressed in the typical home outfit. In 2012 they were declared Fiestas of International Tourist Interest. 


The party begins with a Mass Huertana front of the baroque facade of the cathedral , which is a colorful procession with the image of the Virgin of Fuensanta , patron of the city . Meanwhile, parks and plazas are being slowly invaded by the crowd, which wanders from side to side , tasting bars and street rods ( arranged for the occasion) the typical food of the area.

In the most important squares and gardens, every day of the Festival , the famous vegetable garden clubs installed barracks , where traditional cuisine is offered Murcia , folk performances are held and homes and ancient customs of recreating orchard . In an effort not to forget our past huertano have a leading role huertanas these rocks , with meaningful names such as Silk , the Tablacho the Esparteña the Zaragüel , etc. Azahar . Special mention is that in these barracks , due to the cost of placing and the rent charged by the city , the prices of meats brazenly rises in an effort to obtain the benefit discounting the above expenses .

In the afternoon , walking the city Parade Bando de la Huerta. The parade consists of marching bands , giants , groups of dancers and floats, in which work and typical elements of the region of Murcia is. People dressed in costumes dancing jacks or local spread themselves in the gastronomy of the region, such as sausages , sausages , sausages or beans and beverages, such as wine or beer food . You can also taste typical dishes michirones , Murcia or zarangollo salad , not forgetting the sweet Paparajotes . There is no shortage in the parade the cobs harangues , satirical texts written in the vernacular of the garden ( the panocho ) that proclaim loudly from some of the floats.

The day of the Bando is an explosion of color and joy in which the whole city and the garden , either marching or as public. Also visitors can not escape the prevailing joy and jubilation , and feel happy to participate in an event of this magnitude. The city this day becomes a singular Huerta in which tens of thousands of people of all ages take to the street with the typical local dress . They, with zaragüeles , vests and monteras ( huertano cap) , and with them the beautiful petticoats ( skirts) , aprons and shawls and hair decorated with carnations . However, in recent years especially the young have abandoned the tradition . Many women now wear huertano man claiming greater comfort , since the Women's costume is heavy . Another large number of young people do not wear or do not wear espadrilles to complete the costume .
 festival is always held on the following Tuesday to Easter.


The origin of this event seems to go back to anything less than 155 years , however, has taken to the streets in about 120 times in five major stages , with their interludes . It goes back to the last day of carnival 1851 Murcia , where a young affluent agreed to organize it with the intention of somehow making fun of the people of the garden. The first day of carnival had its starting point and pick the Plaza de Toros de San Agustin , now known as San Andrés . The Bando began when placed in the two head majos on horseback , followed by a horse adorned with palms , flowers and vegetables , followed by many huertanos dressed in their traditional costumes. Currently this original motivation is completely gone and Bando has become part opposite: a celebration in honor of the orchard and the traditions associated with it . From the above it can be noted that in reality , the Bando born as a pretext for the fun of rich people , fun at the keywords and customs of the common people from the garden and where not bargained in exaggerations caricatured and even jeers how to talk to those who came to the city to sell their products and make purchases.

  there are many photos of the bando orchard:

                                              ILHAM MAIZI3ªBX


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  1. Do you like Bando? I like it very much but nowadays, unfortunately, young people only think about drinking