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miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

All Time Low

 All Time Low is a pop-punk band from Baltimore, Maryland. The components of the bands are (from left to right in the photo): Alex Gaskarth (lead siger and rythm guitar), Zack Merrick (bass and back vocals)Rian Dawson (drums) and Jack Barakat (lead guitar and back vocals).

  The band was formed back in 2003, starting like a high school band that did covers. At first, Barakat and Gaskarth were in rival bands and they didn't even like each other. Barakat was in a pop punk band and Gaskarth in a Foo Fighters' tribute band, but Barakat made Gaskarth listen to a Blink-182 album and he changed his opinion and joined Barakat's band. Then, they started to play covers of theirs favourite bands, but their drummer couldn't do it right and Barakat asked Dawson to join the band. After that, they only needed a bassist, so they asked around high school for someone who could play the band. Merrick went to one of the band practice and, after show the band that he could play the bass with only his fingers, he joined the band and All Time Low was formed.

  Shortly after the formation of the band, in 2004, All Time Low signed with Emerald Moon Records and released their debut EP, The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End. The next year, they release their first studio album, called The Pàrty Scene, also in Emerald Records.
  In 2006 the band started to get more serious and, before graduating, they signed with Hopeless Records. This year, they started to have a heavy tour schedule and, while touring, they released the EP Put Up or Shut Up, with re-recorded songs from The Party Scene and new songs. This was their first record to reach the charts, so they went touring again while recording their second album.
  At the start of 2008, the band released So Wrong, It's Right, thir second full- lenght studio album. This album made them gain more popularity and being named Alternative Band of The Year 2008.
  In 2009, they wrote their third album between tours. All Time Low co-wrote with differents artist, Mark Hoppus from Blink-182, being one of them. The album, called Nothing Personal, was release in summer, debuting in the number 4 of the Billboard 200 thanks to the 63,000 copies in the first week.
 In 2010 they left Hopeless Records and signed to Interscope Records to record and release Dirty Work, their next album, due to the little change in their habitual style in this album. The album was finally released in the middle of 2011.
They also wrote a song for the movie Alice in Wonderland, directed by Tim Burton, called Painting Flowers and recorded a live EP this year.
After the release of Dirty Work, All Time Low signed back to Hopeless Record and release The Reckless and The Brave, the first single of the band's next album. The promo for this album was really original: right after the release of the single, little promos with extracts of the songs from the album were posted in YouTube until the 7th of October, when they reached 20 promos. Two days after, the album was released under the name of Don't Panic with an one hour video with animated characters that compilate of the songs in the album. The album is named like that because of the prophecy of the end of the world, so in the video the setting is of chaos and anarchy.
At the start of 2013, All Time Low joined Green Day’s tour and opened for them. In summer,  they announced that they were going to release a new edition of Don’t Panic called Don't Panic It's Longer Now! with some new tracks and a few of acoustic versions of the original album.
This year, All Time Low has toured with Pierce The Veil and Tonight Alive and a new album it’s in process!


This song is called So Long Soldier and it's from the album Don't Panic.
It's talks about how the band started and the chorus is similar to one of their first songs.

This is the song Lost in Stereo from Nothing Personal. The video is from All Time Low's live DVD that was recorded live at a concert.


                            Agustina P. Páez Rueda

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