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martes, 1 de abril de 2014

´´Bnat Lalla Mennana´´(morrocan film)

The best Moroccan film for me is Bnat Lalla Mennana.
Ms. Mennana daughters , translating  Bnat Lalla Mennana , backed by the success in its passage through the theater, did not disappoint the expectations when landing in the second Moroccan channel 2M . Moroccan series based on the work of Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca, The House of Bernarda Alba, has become the most watched during the month of Ramadan.

The House of Bernarda alba has been masterfully adapted to northern Moroccan dialect Sqali by actresses Nora , Samia Akario , Ahjjam Yassin , among other actors and actresses Moroccan and staging by director Fanan Yassin .
The story moves to a town in northern Morocco and Chaoen is a family of women , ruled with an iron hand by Lalla Menna , Doña Bernarda who lives isolated from contact with the outside world.
The series of 30 chapters , tells the love stories of four sisters , daughters Lalla Mennana and reveals their secrets , expectations and the search for a savior man.

It is a social 
The girl in blue is Bahia, the next is Rhimo,
the following is Maria and the last one is Chama.
drama which contains passages of humor.
A widow , Lalla Mennana , severe and authoritarian detains four daughters at home a symbol of mourning for the death of her second husband. Strict them all , Lalla Mennana prohibits young relationship with any man. Chama , Bahia, Rhimo , and Maria , five sisters , aged 30 and 20 years, are eager to leave home and flee the despotism of his mother. And the only solution is that some guy , guided by the   appearance of honor and chastity, her hands going to order .The two key characters in the play , Bernarda Alba Adela , the youngest sister , exemplify the duality of Moroccan society today. Bnat Lalla Menana , daughters of Mrs. Menana , is the adaptation has been done in the realm Sherifian Lorca's work . On the one hand , society, ruthless with their comments and moved by the appearance, on the other hand , women, youth , eager to live and wanting independence.
At the end of story, Chama, the little sister, was pregnant with the boyfriend of her sister Maria and she marriage with him, Maria was travel in Spain, because her dad was Spanish, Rhimo know her love. The day when Bahia was get marriage with a policy Chama bore and she finish her wedding in the hospital.

Second season.

It's been five years. Lalla Bahia Mennana and daughters Rhimou, Chama and   Saadia (it is one of part of family)
 have undergone great changes in their lives. After Mary's death, her husband, Hamid came with false papers and claims the right to take possession of the family home. Chama, Imad divorced. Jamila, a neighbor, enjoying his anguish and ships in the world of drugs ...
Bahia, in turn, leads a quiet life with Kamal, she resigned and accepted the inability to become pregnant. However, the stability of the family is threatened and in danger of collapse due to the mysterious past of Kamal but eventually becomes pregnant and everything was fixed. 
Financial problems facing the family, Rhimou decides to  accept   an  arranged  marriage. She married Haj Mokhtar, a wealthy jeweler who passed away after a few months, after that she decide to marriage with his first love...


  The woman in blue is Bahia and the man that wear a black cloth is Kamal,
the husband of Bahia. The girl in the middle that wear a pink dress is the
 daughter of Chama. The girls that wear a red and a black ´´tegcheta´´(dress)
are the daughters of Kamal behind there are Rhimo with her first love. And
 finally the woman that wear the pink dress is Chama, then there is Saadia
(the maid) and finally Mennana, the mother of Maria, Bahia, Rhimo and
Chama ( the high to low).
In Arabic it is read ´´Bnat Lala Mennana´´

The song when start the film of Bnat Lalla Mennana  and finish(The daughters of Mennana) is the folowig:

It also explains that the title has been changed in order to send a message . " In Morocco son of is crucial in social relations . To the extent that people , especially women , are not considered individually but as a piece within a lineage , "says Samia Akariou ,  actress born in Chefchaouen and one of the stars of the TV series.

The setting of the show is the magnificent city of Chefchaouen with its bright nature landscape in Tanger .

Mouna Rabhi

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  1. Mauna I think it's the best series I've seen and you've talked about it this good!!

  2. If I can i will it
    i think it's an interesting series

  3. I have never seen a TV program from Morocco. Do you recommend me this one?

  4. Yes of course! It is cool! All the Moroccan films that I saw It is different, this series are approximate a little to reality, but some cloth are not usual at all. I like this series because during the scene they told sentence or something or they do something funny to break the routine. It is interesting, that's all.