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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014



There are a lot of types of neighbour. Here you have someone:
·The neighbour who ALWAYS greets:
When they see you, unless you are across the street they run to talk to you.
·The neighbour who doesn’t greet:
They see you never and when you say something to greet, they say: “I didn’t see you! Sorry! Hahaha!”
·The neighbour who isn’t here:
They are always in the beach, in the mountain, in the shopping centre... but not in their house.
· The neighbour who screams cries and makes a lot of noise:
They have a baby or a young son and when they don’t do that they want... we have problem.
· The neighbour who help you too much and he/she is a nuisance:
Ok, they can help you but all have a limit. But they don’t think about it.
For they: You can´t annoy your neighbour too much. If they need help, don’t worry, they call you.
· The neighbour who is your friend (normally two):
You talk with them and, they talk with you. We think the same about both. You can meet with they because you are friends.
·And the house, only ONE house (normally), that hasn’t got owner:
That house has a lot of weeds, maybe a cat and her family live there, the windows are closed and the lamp of the outside it’s broken.

If you know more about that, please say it in the comments :D
LUCIA ORTIN FRANCO              3ºBx

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  1. A piece of reality!! Very funny, of course, I wanna learn more