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domingo, 16 de febrero de 2014


The couples who are formed in internet now are a reality. Thousands of people meet on the network and maintain relationships at a distance, some have seen in person, other not and some are a complete hoax. It's difficult to know who are you talking or if the person is lying you.
Many people go to forums or chat rooms to meet friends or for dating. In the second case sometimes those people meet and get to have a stable relationship and in some cases may even be talking ten years without knowing. For this reason some people mistrust and begin to wonder if the person behind the screen are being sincere or not.
Mainly Catfish is an American documentary directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman that lasts 86 minutes.
The documentary is a real story of a man who met a woman on Facebook and began distance relationship that was a complete lie.
After the premiere of the documentary, the protagonist contact to MTV to make a tv program by the name of: Catfish: The TV Show.

The program is presented by the protagonist of the documentary: Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. The intention is to help couples which are not known in person or find out if one person cheats on the other.
For example a man contacts with the presenters, he tell the story and give details of his supposed partner. Nev and Max travel to the man's house and begin to  investigate if the woman used the photograph of another person or give false information. After talking to the woman and tell them who they are. They organized a meeting for both of us and there is discovered if everything is true or not.

I leave here two chapters equals and random:

I've seen the program on TV and I have seen the documentary. 
In my opinion both are really interesting and worth seeing, also have things that may surprise you. 
If you see the film you understand why the protagonist wants to start doing the TV program and help others that don't happen the same thing, so it's interesting. The film is a true story engraved by his own friends on many occasions. 
I like more the TV program, it's amazing and I recommend it a lot.
Stefanía Muñoz Martínez

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  1. I have never seen the programme but it seems to be very interesting. In which channel is it broadcast?

  2. The program is very good and very interesting!
    P.D : El programa lo ponen en MTV Crlos !