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miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014



Ukraine is a republic in Eastern Europe. Viktor Yanukovych is the actual president.
This country has an area of 603,628 km2  making it the largest state situated entirely in Europe. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. The small Ukrainian town of Rahiv is the geographic center of Europe.
The official language is the Ukrainian but people also use the Russian.

  • In 1934, in a bilingual competition celebrated in France, the ukrainian language was recognized like one of the three most beautiful languages of the world. The other two were the french and the persian.
  • With 105 metres deep, Arsenalna's metro station is the deepest station of the world.
  • One of the most famous features of the Kyiv Museum of Miniatures is a life-sized flea wearing golden shoes. This miniature was created by Mykola Syadrysty.

  • The third most visited McDonald’s in the world is located in Kiev, near the train station. This restaurant has always been in the top five most crowded McDonald’s in the world.
  • Some 77 percent of Ukrainians have never been abroad, while 36 percent of Ukrainians have never been outside their region.

  • Card playing is strictly prohibited for Christians in Ukraine.


The "borsch" is the meal that represent Ukraine and it is the national symbol. It is made of red beetroot and cabbage. This meal can be served in restaurants but the best "borsch" is when you made it at home. You can eat that soup hot or cold and with Ukrainian hot rolls. The majority of the people eat "borsch" mixed with mayonnaise. Delicious!

"Varenyky", which literally means "boiled thing ', are painted dumplings with butter or oil. The content can be a combination of "chucrut", meat, cheese, potato and egg or a cherry filling.
"Varenyky" are usually served with "smetana" or sour home-made cream. 
There are also a similar meal called "pelmeni". This dumplings can only be filled with meat.


The bread is the most important food in an Ukrainian table. There are a lot of different types of bread: 

The "karavay" is the bread elaborated for weddings. It is overelaborate but this make it beautiful. Maybe you think that this beauty "karavays" are made of wood but you are wrong. They are completly bread hand-made!


Red and white are two very important colours in Ukrainian typical costumes. Girls wear a white shirt with small decorations, especially in sleeves, and a skirt with small flowers. They also put flowers in the top of the head. Boys wear loose  red or blue trousers and a white shirt with decorations around the buttons. Both of them wear red boots.

The girl's school uniform is a black dress with a white overall and a bow behind the dress. It is similar to the costume of servant. It can also be a formal grey dress. Girls often put big white bows in their ponytails.
Boys wear a formal black or grey costume.



BEAUTY QUEENS                                                                   HOUSEWIVES



Anastasiya Shpagina is the living doll with the red and the violet hair. She is only 19 years old and she become famous all over the world.

 Valeriya Lukyanova who is called "Human Barbie" is an other Ukrainian young girl. She is 21 years old. Some people were even questioning if she existed at all or if someone used Photoshop to make her look like a Barbie doll.


Over on the right there, you can see the huge statue
celebrating the Great Patriotic War, which we know as
This is Kiev in Christmas. The temperature is over -38ºC.


"Kot Leopold"

"Dobrinya Nikitich i zmey gorinich"

"Tri bogatirya na dalnij beregaj"

"Svetik semizvetik"

"Nu pogodi"

"Nu pogodi" - Episode 10

Maria Kravchynska

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  1. Paula Vázquez Cintrano19 de febrero de 2014, 20:07

    It's interesting know thing os your country, your food, your cartoon, your beautifull places...
    It's good know thing abouts other counties :)

  2. Very cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The country seems to be very beautiful but I think I couldn't live there. I hate cold winters

  3. It is a very interesting place to visit !! really i want to visit it :D

  4. I like learn about other countries too, I consider that is important to know something to developpe your general culture