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miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014



Italy, the boot of Europe, in my opinion  is one of the best countries of the world and I am going to live there. This 
country has one of the seven marvels of the world, "The Coliseum", it is a amphitheatre. Italy also has more famous monuments and very beautiful places as The Tower Pisa, David of Miguel Ángel, The Comuna of Vernazza, La Toscana, Cala Junco, Cerdeña, etc. I love this places because when I see thats amzing monuments and places I feel peace, tranquility, and I am happy. Before starting to work I would like to live there one year and to live this experience. Close your eyes and imagine these places in your mind, calm and relax, the life is unfair but if you stop a second you will see the marvels of this life:

 "The coliseum"

                        "Cala Junco"        

 "The Tower Pisa"
"La Toscana"
That you see, only you can't stop and see this beautifull place, and to have the opened mouth and to hallucinate with a place like that.

~Paula Vázquez Cintrano~

4 comentarios:

  1. One of the most beautiful countries in the world. I remember one travel to "Toscana" as one of the most exciting experiences in my life.
    And one thing, Spain is as beautiful as Italy. We have got a country to discover

  2. I love your entry! I have been in Rome the last year, and when I was there I didn't want to come back to Spain. I wanted to stay in Rome forever. It's very beautiful and surprising; because, while you walk, you can see all kinds of monuments. Rome has lovely stories, and you can find one of them at every step you take. In my mind, Rome is a big book, waiting you to read it.

  3. Thaks for alls the comentaries I love this country is very beautifful and I want to visit Italy! ♥

    I have never been there but i will live there when i finish the university.
    All these places are fantastic and some of them i have never heard about them like Cala Junco with its wonderful waters.