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martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

Atleti is the new champion!

                                          Atleti is the new champion!

The team "Colchonero" is the new champion of the King's Cup after conquering in the final one to Real Madrid.

 The past April 16, the Athletic of Madrid got their tenth title of the king's Cup with their victory on Madrid 1-2 in Santiago Bernabeu. The party began with a clear domain of the spherical one on the part of Madrid, until in the minute 18, Cristiano Ronaldo converted a head goal after a córner bounced by Ozil.  In spite of the goal, of playing in the field of the contrary one and of all the parties without winning, Atleti of Cholo reacted to the received goal and he began to give the face in the final game.
The Atleti dominated in all the aspects of the game starting from the inserted goal, until he received its prize in the minute 37, in the one that after a splendid play in the center of the field of Falcao and a pass in long to Diego Costa, the player beat Diego López after a perfect definition. The party went to the rest, with the final one still to solve and the second half began. The fear of both teams to lose the final one caused that both teams took a little risk in the offensive aspect and that they arrived to the tied extension. In the extension Madrid changed its philosophy until the moment, and it bet go to attack the goal of Courtois. But Madrid was not rewarded by its audacity because a stellar porter that took a short cut all the shots was in front. The end decided in the minute 113, in a córner taken out by Koke, in which Miranda was free of mark and he connected a butt that I end up in goal and deciding the final one. After the celebration, in press wheel, to the cholo they asked which the key of the success of its team was, to what answered a clear and brief answer: humility and work. This way, the atleti is the new champion of the king's Cup.

Ivan Jiménez 3ºBX ESO

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  1. The best team in the world!!! Now, we are ready to win the Champions' League

    1. Athletic did not win the Champions' League,it will do the Madrid.