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miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014


     Sad news. The entry I don't want to write.

     I must go to another High School so I won't be your teacher anymore. This entry is only to say you goodbye and I really wish the best in your studies and in your future life.

     It is a pity because you were really special students and I will miss you a lot. I was full of new ideas and projects but unfortunately (or not, jejeje) we won't develop them.

     Goodbye and good luck everyone!!!!

     Carlos Zapata

     P.S. The school project is over but the blog is yours, keep it alive!!!

8 comentarios:

  1. Why you go back?? ;-; you are the best teacher that we will have ever. I will miss you Carlos :c

  2. No me voy porque quiera, me obligan. Es largo de explicar
    I will miss you too

  3. But this is not fair! :S Isn't there something we could to bring you back teacher? Like to talk with the director or something like that? Oh god this is so unfair and outrageous!

  4. No. I am afraid you can't do anything. It doesn't depend on the director, Andrea.

    Stefania. Mucha suerte allá donde vayas. Me encantó tu mensaje

  5. I can't believe this :( I'm very very very sad :( :(
    You can't leave us!! It's unfair...
    I want to do more oral presentations with you theacher and develop your proyects...I've been practicing this summer in my "little problem". Now, I control better the concept of "think before speak"

    I will miss you very much :,( and please, visit us someday...

  6. That is incredible. I´m so sad. i´m goingto speak to the headmaster, because here are a problem... I will miss you¡ Please,visit us someday because, we need you...

  7. Ok. I will try to visit you some day.

  8. Ohh no!....What we are going to do with english!..... You help me to open my eyes and to reminded me how I love learn english!....I understand only your lessons because you give me ansewers to all my questions!...
    We are going to miss you Carlos! :(
    Posdata. You are the best teacher that I had in all highschool. Try to visit us.