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lunes, 13 de enero de 2014


Mary Poppins 

Have you ever heard the name of Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins is the main character of a series of children’s books written by P.L Travers. 

From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at Number Seventeen Cherry-Tree Lane,  everyday life at the Banks house is forever changed. She cares, in a very peculiar way, Michael, Jane, John and Barbara Banks.

Mary Poppins is a very special nany. She always described herself as a person "practically perfect in every way". With her, everything can happen. From travel around all the world in less than half and hour, until to get into a picture. 

But, she never openly acknowledges her strange and magical powers, and feigns insult when one   of the children refers to her previous adventures. 

She travels around the world helping all the children and always with her talking parrot umbrella, her beautiful hat decorated by flowers and her deep suitcase, from which she can take all kinds of things.

Disney Film (1964)

"Mary Poppins" is a musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney and based in P.L Travers' books. 
It caused a lot of headaches to Walt Disney, because the writter didn't want to sell her books. At the first, Pamela thinks Walt Disney films were silly and she didn't want to see her most precious character converted into a silly cartoon. But, after 20 years, Pamela finally allowed the film. 

Its story is simple: Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) travels to Banks House to help Mickel (Matthew Garber) and Jane (Karen Dotrice ), because their busy parents haven't got enough time to see how much their children need them. 
With this peculiar nany, the children see and live many adventures. For example, they saw Mary Poppins while she was talking with a dog. Also, she measured them with a magic measuring tape that indicates their attitude. Other fantastic time is when they met the best friend of Mary, Bert (Dick Van Dick), who is a chimmeny sweep and  a painter, too. And the most important, they learned an awesome word:"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

Finally, Mary Poppins leaves the Banks house flying with her umbrela. But after, she teaching a lot of important things to the childrens and also to their parents.

Musical (2004)

 Years later, Mary Poppins met Broadway.  

 The musical had a lot of fame, and many  diferents famous people saw it, even Julie  Andrews. "Bitten by the curiosity", she went  to the theater to see it. At the end of the  showing, Julie said to the actress who  interpreted Mary Poppins: "You are a worthy  succesor"

Other film (2014)

 This year, Mary Poppins come back to the  cienema. But now, a little bit different.

 This new story called "Saving Mr.Banks",  explains (from a peculiar point of view) as  Walt Disney (Tom Hanks) persuaded P.L  Travers (Emma Thomson) to make a movie of  her beautiful books. Also, this film shows a  new thing which can be true...
 Can Mary Poppins was a real person?

Laura Alonso Molina 3ºbx

5 comentarios:

  1. Pretty cool entry! :) I learn a lot of interesting things about the fantastic character that is Mary Poppins. I have always seen this film without knowing that! Thankfull,
    Andrea Martínez

  2. Mary Poppins is boring!!!! Who wants to read about the life of a childminder?
    Ahhh, and she is singing stupid songs all the time

    1. Why do you think that? Mary Poppins is a very interesting character. She isn't as the normal childminders, she's magic! And maybe she sings "stupid" songs in the film; but if you read the books, I'm sure you finally like her, because you would understand her meaning, She teaches to the children and their parents the really important things in life.

  3. I've got the same opinion as Laura. Mary Poppins is a very special character and one of the classical of the literature. Then, the songs aren't really stupid, well, they have got an strange meaning, though they are quite funny.

    1. Thanks Andrea! I love your opinion! It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
      I agree with you, the songs have a big part of fun. In my case,"Mary Poppins" is my favourite Disney's film. Also, I think Pamela Travers' books are wonderful; because, as you said, Mary is one of the classical of the literature. I have read two of her stories and I really love them. Have you ever read Pamela Travers' books? She's a very good writer.