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lunes, 13 de enero de 2014


I have chosen to write about a very famous singer who is very important for me, Michael Jackson. He was born in Indiana, United States the 29 of October in 1958 and he died the 25 of June in 2009, California.

Michael Jackson was a very good singer, but was also a musician, dancer, actor, composer, producer, choreographer, businessman and philanthropist. Before singing alone, Michael Jackson had a band with
his brothers called The Jackson 5. He did his best album, Thriller in 1982 and people love it and was the highest selling album in history and became the best singer pop so is also known as The Pop's King. Him music styles
are R & B, pop, rock, soul, funk, disco and new jack swing and his tone is countertenor. In a stage and a microphone, he was able to conquer the people who listened to him, for it conveys that feeling in every song.
Michael Jackson won a lot of awards for example, has been included twice in the Hall of Fame Rock, to broken records in the Guinness World Records, got 26 American Music Awards and 15 Grammy awards in many music categories.
The best video of Michael Jackson was "Thriller" and "You Are Not Alone" which was number one a lot of time. Here I put the music videos for you to see them:



                                                                                                                    MARÍA AROCA JULIÁN 

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  1. I think Michael Jackson was a special and unusual person with an amazing musical ability, who died too young. I love many of his songs, but my favourite is ABC (when he was in The Jackson 5)

  2. A great entry of a great artist. I don't like his music but I can recognize he had a special talent for singing and dancing

  3. I like him. I adore his songs
    Yolanda Escámez